samedi 11 avril 2015

lundi 8 décembre 2014

FX animated logo Plenty

FX animated logo - Plenty from Arnaud MILLOT on Vimeo.

This is an animated logo I did for the studio Plenty in Buenos Aires, It is an intro for their 2014 demo reel. I was in charge of everything, from the concept idea to the animation and FX. Hope you enjoy it ! :)    

vendredi 12 septembre 2014

samedi 9 août 2014

Chaozu x Pikachu - cheek to cheek

A little fanart crossover of Dragonball and Pokémon

mercredi 16 juillet 2014

monkey blocks

  My proposition for the loopdeloop theme : "blocks"
I took it as an opportunity to learn TVPaint and to play with cartoonesque faces haha.
I hope you'll like that monkey !  :)

samedi 19 avril 2014

mardi 1 avril 2014

vendredi 21 mars 2014

mercredi 19 mars 2014

pre-school is fun ! - Summer -

Fruits & animals chilling on the beach  :)

lundi 17 février 2014

loopdeloop : TWIST !

-Jumping Fox-

 My submission for February/March 2014 loopdeloop contest ! I really enjoyed designing and animating this one and look forward making many more Gifs with animals haha :)

designed on Photoshop, animated on Flash and back to Photoshop for the render.

lundi 27 janvier 2014

Canard !

  (we'll soon come up with a Mac version and a web browser version, depending on the programmers)

  This week-end, I took part in the 2014 Global Game Jam. I met 6 great people at Enjmin on friday and we had 48 hours to make a video game. This year's topic was "You don’t see things as they are, you see things as you are". I suggested a platformer in which you're a duck and everything in your vision range appears to you as a duck...   It looks like that :  

(sorry for the low quality of the screenshot, please try out the game if you can !)

mercredi 18 septembre 2013


SPIDER from Arnaud MILLOT on Vimeo.

   I wanted to animate a spider using cut-out animation in After Effects so I had to buid a setup, as I couldn't find any on internet. I combined Duik with some trigonometrical coding in order to be able to animate 3-parts legs. It took some time but I finally did it !

mercredi 21 août 2013

Hector - game trailer

Hector - game trailer from Arnaud MILLOT on Vimeo.

  The trailer is finished at last ! Now I'll be looking for a programmer interested in making this a playable game... Thanks very much to Charlie, the sound designer, who made a very good job here !

the game's (tiny) blog :